Tet Holiday – Vietnam Traditional Lunar New Year at Khemārāma

New Year’s Eve, Blessing Chanting, and traditional Tet at Khemārāma Nunnery.          

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    A GUIDE TO JAPANESE BUDDHISM – CONTENTS: PREFACE   PART I: A BRIEF HISTORY OF BUDDHISM IN JAPAN 1. Buddhism Introduced to Japan 2. The Nara Period (a.d. 710–784) 3. The Heian Period (a.d. 794–1185) 4. The Kamakura Period (a.d. 1192–1333) 5. The Muromachi Period (a.d. 1336–1573) 6. The Momoyama Period (a.d. 1573–1603) […]

Master Vien Minh's poems

        Phật        Phật thật ngự trong lòng        Đêm ngày thường soi sáng        Thờ Tâm Phật bên trong        Hơn trăm ngàn hình tượng.        Buddha        The true Buddha dwells in everybody’s heart        That […]

Devotional Service - Contents

  The Devotional Service By H. Gunaratana Mahathera   ==>> How to Set Up a Shrine ==>> Five & Eight Precepts ==>> Objects of Veneration ==>> Homage to Triple Gem ==>> The Way of Salutation ==>> Offering ==>> Formal & Informal Devotion ==>> The Noble Eightfold Path ==>> Sharing or Dedication of Merits ==>> Dependent […]

The Ordination Of Nuns In Sri Lanka

  From the beginning of Buddhism, both men and women have had roles in ordained ministry. Monks known as bhikkhus and nuns known as bhukkhunis formed the Buddhist sangha, or monastic community, supported by devoted lay people known as Upāsaka (males) or Upāsikā (females). However, these groups are rarely endowed with equal authority. The Buddha […]

The Eight Auspicious Symbols

  Right-coiled White Conch Right-coiled White Conch The white conch which coils to the right symbolises the deep, far-reaching and melodious sound of the Dharma teachings, which being appropriate to different natures, predispositions and aspirations of disciples, awakens them from the deep slumber of ignorance and urges them to accomplish their own and others’ welfare. […]

Angulimala — G.K. Ananda Kumarasiri. (Illustrated)

    The dramatic story of Angulimala’s dual transformation from a diligent, virtuous student to a notorious serial killer, and once again, into a compassionate, spiritually perfect Arahant has been retold millions of times for over two thousand six hundred years. It has never failed to evoke powerful emotions in the reader or listener, both […]

FAQ's on Buddhist Culture

  Some FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) we regularly get asked about on BuddhaNet. Question: Do Buddhists pray?               Answer: Buddhists don’t pray to a Creator God, but they do have devotional meditation practices which could be compared to praying. Radiating loving-kindness to all living beings is a practice which […]

FAQs on Buddhist Culture

Buddhists don’t pray to a Creator God, but they do have devotional meditation practices which could be compared to praying...

The Eight Precepts – Aṭṭhaṅgasīla

The Eight Precepts – Aṭṭhaṅgasīla Source: anukampaproject.org I undertake the training-precept to abstain from killing living beings. Pāṇātipātā veramaṇī sikkhāpadaṃ samādiyāmi. I undertake the training-precept to abstain from taking what is not given. Adinnādānā veramaṇī sikkhāpadaṃ samādiyāmi. I undertake the training-precept to abstain from sexual conduct. Abrahmacariyā veramaṇī sikkhāpadaṃ samādiyāmi. I undertake the training-precept to […]

What The Buddha Taught - by Walpola Rahula

  This comprehensive, compact, lucid, and faithful account of the Buddha’s teachings persistently enjoys great popularity in colleges, universities, and theological schools both here and abroad. “An exposition of Buddhism conceived in a resolutely modern spirit.”—from the Foreword. “For years,” says the Journal of the Buddhist Society, “the newcomer to Buddhism has lacked a simple […]

Loving-kindness Meditation

The original name of this practice is metta bhavana, which comes from the Pali language. Metta means ‘love’ (in a non-romantic sense), friendliness, or kindness: hence ‘loving-kindness’ for short. It is an emotion, something you feel in your heart. Bhavana means development or cultivation. The commonest form of the practice is in five stages, each […]

Sister Subha - an Enlightened Nun

Because she had observed her precepts well as a good devotee of a former Buddha, Subha was born as the beautiful daughter of a prosperous goldsmith during the dispensation of Lord Gotama Buddha.

Profiles of Theravada Buddhists

Anada Metteyya (Charles Henry Allan Bennett, 1872 -1923) First British bhikkhu (monk) and Buddhist missionary, born London, son of electrical engineer. Trained as analytical chemist. Involved in Golden Dawn (magic) movement, with W.B. Yeats et al. 1890: Arnold’s Light of Asia kindled an interest in Buddhism. 1898: “Ill-health drove me from England to the East.” Initially […]

Q & A: Becoming a Buddhist

  Question: What you said so far is very interesting to me. How do I become a Buddhist? Answer: Once there was a man called Upali. He was the follower of another religion and he went to the Buddha in order to argue with him and try to convert him. But after talking to the […]


  Introduction       Hint’s for Pilgrims        Map of Sacred Places       Anuradhapura Hatthikucchi Mihintale Sri Pada Arankale Kantarodai Nagadipa Tanthirimale Avukana Kelaniya Nalanda The Temple of the Tooth Buduruvagala Kirivehera Polonnaruwa Tiriyaya Dambulla Lahugala Rajagala Tissamaharama Dighavapi Mahiyangana Ritigala Weligama Dimbuagala Maligavila Sigiriya Yapahuwa Gal Vihara Medirigiriya Sithulpavuva     […]

Loving-kindness - Forgiveness

    “Please put the attention on the breath. Have forgiveness in your heart for anything you think you’ve done wrong . Forgive yourself for all the past omissions and commissions. They are long gone. Understand that you were a different person and this one is forgiving that one that you were. Feel that forgiveness […]

Buddhism in the West

Although Buddhism spread throughout Asia it remained virtually unknown in the West until modern times. The early missions sent by the emperor Ashoka to the West did not bear fruit.

Number of Adherents of World Religions

Number of Buddhists World-Wide While estimates vary between 200-500 million adherents, the generally agreed number of Buddhists is estimated at around 350 million (6% of the world’s population). This makes Buddhism the world’s fourth largest (in terms of number of adherents) religion.     World Religions by Number of Adherents   World Religions Number of […]

The First Rehearsal of the Tipitaka

After the Final Extinction (Parinirvana) of the Buddha, and the cremation of his body, the community of monks chose five hundred Arahants ('worthy ones', 'perfected ones') to work together to compile the doctrine and the discipline...

Guide to Tipitaka — Compiled by U KO Lay

    The Guide to the Tipitaka is an outline of the Pali Buddhist Canonical Scriptures of Theravada Buddhism from Burma. This is a unique work, as it is probably the only material that deals in outline with the whole of the Pali Buddhist Tipitaka. The Tipitaka includes all the teachings of the Buddha, grouped […]

Timeline of Sri Lankan Buddhism

Historical Figures Year Major Events in Sri Lankan Buddhism 247 B.C.E. • King Asoka sends his son, Ven. Mahinda, on a mission to bring Buddhism to Sri Lanka. • King Devanampiya Tissa of Sri Lanka is converted. 240 B.C.E. • Ven. Mahinda establishes the Mahavihara (Great Monastery) of Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. • The Vibhajjavadin community living there becomes known as […]


              Link tải sách:  I.B.Horner – Vinaya Pitaka vol 1 – Suttavibhanga                      I.B Horner – Vinaya Pitaka vol 2 – Suttavibhanga                      I.B Horner – Vinaya Pitaka vol 3 – Suttavibhanga […]