Khemārāma Kathina Robe Offering Ceremony 2022 (October 23, 2022)

At 8:00 am UTC+07:00  ( 23/10/2022), the Kathina Robe Offering Ceremony has successfully been conducted at Khemārāma with the presence of more than 50 Bhikkhunis and more than 700 Buddhist lay devotees.
A vassa teemed with various meritorious deeds done by the Bhikkhunī Saṅgha and Buddhist followed here has gone pass and a Kathina ceremony has just successfully been celebrated. Our nunnery would like to pay gratitude to the host of the Kathina ceremony this year - Ven. Bhikkhunī Susatī's family and any other devotees who have been helping the Saṅgha with all necessary requisites during three months of Vassa.
After the Pali Paritta Chanting section guided by Ven. Huyen Nghi was the Dhamma talked preached by Ven. Tam Tam to the lay assembly. After that, the Kathina Saṅghakamma was conducted by Khemārāma Bhikkhunī Saṅgha in accordance with Therāvāda tradition, Ven. Mahātherī Susantā (Abbot) was the Kathina receiver this year.
May the merits acquired from this Kathina ceremony be equally shared with all beings in these 31 realms, my all be well and happy, escape from all dangers and unhappiness.
Sādhu, Sādhu, Sādhu.
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Monday November 7, 2022
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