History Of Establishment And Development

Brief introduction about Bhikkhuni Susantā and the establishment of Khemārāma

Bhikkhunī Susantā (original name is Lien H.T.) is a disciple of Most Venerable Vien Minh. In 1994, after having no attachment for the worldly life, Miss Lien was ordained to be a Buddhist nun by her master and given Nhu Lien as her dhamma name. In 1998, under Most Venerable Ho Phap’s instruction and admonishment, Venerable Nhu Lien together with 9 monks and nuns went abroad to Yangoon, Myanmar for studying Buddhism at ITBMU. Until 2009, after graduating with an MBA of Buddhist Studies degree, Ven. Nhu Lien came back to Vietnam and was offered this area (which was dense and inhospitable, covered by the sunken ponds) by Most Venerable Tinh Quang. Ven. Nhu Lien named this place Khemārāmā Nunnery and commenced erecting the basic buildings. After years of constructing and developing, the auxiliary works as well as the buildings for the nuns, have been efficient and completed.

Ven. Nhu Lien

Bhikkhuṇī Susantā (Su co Nhu Lien)


Brief introduction about the nunnery’s daily practice:

The nuns in Khemārāma, following the Therāvāda tradition, are guided by the Most Venerable Vien Minh (the Abbot of Buu Long Pagoda). In the same way as other Therāvāda temples, we also organize the Dhutanga days on every full moon day of January and April (according to Lunar Calendar). Besides, the timetable of daily activities commences at 4 am and ends at 7h30pm including Dhamma studying, Dhamma talk listening, chanting, meditating, working, etc. Moreover, 4 Sundays in every month as well as the 15th and 30th on the Lunar Calendar are meditative and non-talking times. Furthermore, the nuns have to go alms round for food each Sunday morning to sow the merit-undertaking chances for the lay devotees in the surrounding areas. In short, our nunnery is a good place for all who wish to examine and follow Therāvāda Buddhism. There is no distinguishment between nations, races, schools, and so on… here. On the contrary, everyone who wishes to follow the Buddhasassana is authentically welcomed with loving-kindness.

Go alms round


Sunday March 13, 2022
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