In ancient times the southeastern region of Sri Lanka was known as Rohana and was often independent from Anuradhapura. The capital of the principality was Mahagama, now known as Tissamaharama, which was in some ways a smaller version of Anuradhapura. In the middle of the modern town is the huge Tissamaharama Stupa with its characteristic conical spire and now very much repaired. Not far away in the much smaller but very interesting Sandagiri Stupa.



A there are altars at the four cardinal pi points around the stupa and the one on the north side is a remarkable piece of stone carving, being perfectly cut and beautifully polished. In the town itself are several antiquities, the most interesting being the huge Akaugoda pillar with an inscription down its side. Of the tow other stupas in the town the most important is the Yatala Stupa, just recently repaired.



In the courtyard around the stupa is a statue of Avalokitesvara and nearby as an ancient toilet one used in the adjacent monastery.


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Saturday July 16, 2022
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