Number of Adherents of World Religions

Number of Buddhists World-Wide

While estimates vary between 200-500 million adherents, the generally agreed number of Buddhists is estimated at around 350 million (6% of the world's population). This makes Buddhism the world's fourth largest (in terms of number of adherents) religion.


Chart of Word Religions


World Religions by Number of Adherents


World Religions Number of Adherents
Christianity 2 billion
Islam 1.3 billion
Hinduism 900 million
Secular/Nonreligious/Agnostic/Atheist 850 million
Buddhism 360 million
Chinese traditional religion 225 million
Primal-indigenous 190 million
Yoruba religion 20 million
Juche 19 million
Sikhism 18 million
Judaism 15 million
Spiritism 14 million
Babi and Bahai faiths 6 million
Jainism 4 million
Shinto 4 million
Cao Dai 3 million
Tenrikyo 2.4 million
Neo-Paganism 1 million
Unitarian-Universalism 800 thousand
Scientology 750 thousand
Rastafarianism 700 thousand
Zoroastrianism 150 thousand



Sunday September 25, 2022
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