Today is our nunnery - Khemārāma Bhikkhuṇī Ārāma 13th Anniversary which is marked a long time of 13 years since Venerable Bhikkhuṇī Susantā and the very first devotees established this place after she had spent more than 10 years studying Dhamma and meditation abroad. Khemārāma is a placid monastery suitable for all lay female Buddhist followers wishing for learning and practising the Buddha's teachings in accordance with Therāvāda tradition.

Many years have gone by with various difficulties in the very first years, Khemārāma is currently relatively stable with enough requisites and basic conditions offered to the Bhikkhuṇī Saṅgha comfortably living and cultivating the spiritual life.

This month - July according to Lunar Calendar is invariably well-known as the season of filialness as stated in Vietnamese culture. The Bhikkhuṇī Sangha together with the current lay devotees recited the Buddhasassana, listened to Dhamma talk expounded by Venerable Mahātherī Susantā and share these merits to parents as well as the virtuous assistants in this life and beings in 31 realms for the uttermost happiness and safety.




Thursday August 11, 2022
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