Angulimala — G.K. Ananda Kumarasiri. (Illustrated)



The dramatic story of Angulimala’s dual transformation from a diligent, virtuous student to a notorious serial killer, and once again, into a compassionate, spiritually perfect Arahant has been retold millions of times for over two thousand six hundred years. It has never failed to evoke powerful emotions in the reader or listener, both young and old. This presentation of “Angulimala” is designed to cater to a wide readership, ranging from young children, teenagers to adults. Parents can introduce the moral lessons of the story of Angulimala to
their children as young as three years old, by reading, in sequence, the captions under each of the illustrations. The illustrations themselves unfold the life-episode of Angulimala to the child.


Download for PDF: Angulimala — G.K. Ananda Kumarasiri. (Illustrated)

Friday June 10, 2022
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