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Placidity dwelling in the miraculous
Path Tranquillity leading to the Nibbāna.

Khemārāma (or Tinh An Lan Nha) is a name of a monastery being erected to create suitable conditions for all women longing to practise the Therāvāda Buddism in Viet Nam.

“Khema” means “purity, tranquillity, placidity”. The ultimately placid state is called Nibbāna, which has been targeted by almost every Buddist follower. In the Abhidhanapadipika dictionary, there are 40 synonyms with “Nibbāna”, including “Khema”.

“Khemā”, a noble Bhikkhuni’s name at the time of the Buddha, was well known for being the wisest one among the Bhikkhuni Sangha. Before going forth, she had been either the min national beauty or the lovable Express of King Bimbisāra.

King Bimbisāra was among the first lay – followers of the Buddha and he offered the first monastery to the Bhagavà and the Sangha. But, Queen Khemā avoided visiting the Buddha because she heard that He had usually mentioned the vanity of beauty. He always admonished His disciples to contemplate the Impurity of the body.

King Bimbisāra, a thorough Buddhist, assimilated the Buddha’s teaching, so he wished his beloved relatives to have the opportunities to visit the Lord Buddha and learn His truly happy lifestyle.

Having acknowledged the Queen Khemā kept away from the Blessed One on purpose because of her fear of being criticized for her beauty, King Bimbisāra invited poets, musicians to compose songs or poems glorifying the placidity and calmness in the Vihāra, Wisdom and Compassion of the Lord Buddha as well as the Sangha’s tranquil and harmonised lifestyle. Out of curiosity about the wonders described in the artworks, Queen Khemā eventually accompanied King Bimbisāra to approach the Veluvana.

On the first visit, when listening to the lively Dhamma talk regarding the impermanence of the five – aggregate body via the Buhhda’s miracle, Queen Khemā attained the Arahatship at that point. She didn’t return to the palace anymore. Instead, she chose to reside at the monastery to live a spiritual life. She became a shining example for the juniors in the future.

On account of wishing to remind the female of the capacity to cultivate and attain the nobleship of the great senior named Khemā, and hoping for all people reaching here to dwell placidly and tranquilly, this nunnery is so-called “Khema”, which means TỊNH AN.

In Pāli, Ārāma means a forest or a cool and quiet garden, where there are a lot of huts for monks and nuns to dwell spiritually and practise meditation. In Chau Duc district, Ba Ria Vung Tau province is located our residence area, which is approximately 10.000 square metres in area, covered by various fruit trees, such as jackfruits, big longans, mangoes,…

Inside, there’s a small but solemn Buddha Hall and simple but peaceful huts. It may become an appropriate place for those who want to contemplate their minds and bodies.

Khemārāma ( Tịnh An Lan Nhã) is being constructed with the above wishes. We hope to receive donations from reverences and lay – devotees from near and far. This nunnery will be a genuinely ideal place for everyone to study and develop the Buddha’s teachings, follow and carry on the traditions of Buddhas and senior venerables as well as contribute to the career of Dhamma propagation and being benefits to beings.

* The verse was taught to Khema by the Tathāgata, quoted from the Therīgāthāpāli Khuddaka Nikāya:
Look at your conditioned body, Khemā,
Subject to illness, impurity and old age,
Leaking lots of stained stuff,
That’s considered as the beauty by the fool.

Sunday March 13, 2022
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