Pāḷi Made Easy – Ebook and Introduction

Tuesday April 18, 2023


An excellent course-book on Pali Language and Grammar with quizes and solutions at the backside. OCRed by Solid PDF/A Express. Written by ven. Balangoda Ananda Maitreya from Sri Lanka.

This series is conducted to help Pāḷi learners save time studying Pāḷi. We summarize all lessons in the most compendious but sufficient way. We wish you will be benefited from our work.


Download here:  https://bit.ly/3d2qpJD

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Pāḷi Made Easy – Ebook and Introduction

Lesson 1: Verbs – Present Tense (Indicative Mood) [Pāḷi Made Easy]

Lesson 2: Verbs (Contd.) [Pāḷi Made Easy]

Lesson 3: Some Defectives (Vikala) and Anomalous Verbs (Uppatipātika) [Pāḷi Made Easy]

Lesson 4: Personal Pronouns (Their Nominatives Forms) – [Pāḷi Made Easy]

Lesson 5: Future Tense – [Pāḷi Made Easy]

Lesson 6: Imperative Mood – [Pāḷi Made Easy]

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