The Monk’s and Nuns Robes – illustrated

Monk's and Nuns Robes in the Theravada Tradition

1. (Myanmar)

Burmese robes

Burmese Monk's Robes (Myanmar)


Burmese Nun's robes

Burmese Nun's Robes (Myanmar)


2. Sri Lankan

Sri Lankan robes Sri Lankan robes

Sri Lankan Monk's Robes


Sri Lankan nuns robes

Sri Lankan Nun's'Robes



3. Thai

Thai Monk's Robes Thai Monk's'Robes

Thai Monk's Robes
(Thai robes are similar if not the same as Laotian and Cambodian)


Thai nuns' robes

Thai Nun's Robes



Monk's and Nuns Robes in the Mahayana Tradition

 1. Chinese

Chinese monk's' robes Chinese monk's' robes

Chinese Monk's Robes


Chinese Nuns' Robes Chinese Nuns' Robes

Chinese Nuns' Robes


2. Japanese

Japanese monks' robes

Japanese Monks' Robes


Japanese nun's robes Japanese nun's robes

Japanese Nun's Robes



3. Tibetan

Tibetan monk's robes Tibetan monk's robes

Tibetan Monk's Robes


Tibetan nuns robes

Tibetan Nuns Robes



4. Korean

Korean Monk's' Robes

Korean Monk's Robes


Korean nun's robes

Korean Nun's Robes



5. Vietnamese

Vietnamese monk's' robes Vietnamese monk's  robes

Vietnamese Monk's Robes



6. Mongolian

Mongolian Monks' Robes

Mongolian Monk's Robes



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