The Bhikkhus’ Rules – Guide for Laypeople — Bhikkhu Ariyesako



The Theravadin Buddhist Monk's Rules by compiled and explained by Bhikkhu Ariyesako. This compilation is for anyone interested about bhikkhus and about how to relate to them. Some may think that this lineage follows an overly traditionalist approach but then, it does happen to be the oldest living tradition. A slight caution therefore to anyone completely new to the ways of monasticism, which may appear quite radical for the modern day and age. The best introduction, perhaps essential for a true understanding, is meeting with a practising bhikkhu who should manifest and reflect the peaceful and joyous qualities of the bhikkhu's way of life.


Download for PDF: The Bhikkhus' Rules - Guide for Laypeople — Bhikkhu Ariyesako

Wednesday June 8, 2022
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