For the Stilling of Volcanoes — Ven. Sujiva



Insight Meditation as explained by Ven. Sujiva: "It is not an task easy to approach such a profound topic as Insight Meditation in simple terms. But we have got to start somewhere. After some years of introducing this type of meditation, I still find that there is a lack of introductory material for those without knowledge of Buddhism. What is available is often extremely technical and loaded with ancient Indian terminology. There are some words in the English vocabulary which we can never hope to substitute perfectly. Even in this booklet I have used some English words such as ‘conditioned’ and ‘suffering’ which need special explanation when used in a ‘Buddhist’ sense - but I have tried to come up with something easier to read and understand."


Download for PDF: For the Stilling of Volcanoes — Ven. Sujiva

Sunday May 29, 2022
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