Taming Dragon Lohan – Nantimitolo



In the hands are the spiritual pearl and the holy bowl,
Endowed with power that knows no bounds.
Full of valour, vigour and awe-inspiring dignity,
To succeed in vanquishing the ferocious dragon.

His Sanskrit name is Nantimitolo. Nanti means happy, and mitolo, friend. Together the name means happy friend. He is called the Taming Dragon Lohan for a brave act he performed. In ancient India, the people of a small kingdom, after being incited by a demon, went on a rampage against the Buddhists and monasteries, stealing the Buddhist sutras. The king of the undersea flooded the kingdom and rescued the sutras, which he put in his palace. Nantimitolo subdued the dragon guard and restored the sutras back to earth. Hence he is called the Taming Dragon Lohan.


Source: buddhanet.net

Monday August 8, 2022
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