Kosambi: Scene of important events in the Buddha's career

Asoka Pillar and ruins

Asoka Pillar and ruinsThis once great city was the capital of Vamsa and the scene of several important events in the Buddha's life. You will see one of Asoka's pillar and a little further on the ruins of the Ghositarama, first built during the Buddha's lifetime. The huge ancient ramparts of the city though now all in ruins are also interesting. Read the lovely Kosambiya Sutta from the Middle Length Discourses. To get to Kosambi you have to pass through Allahabad, the main town from which to visit Kosambi, has three things worth seeing.

The Allahabad Museum has most of the antiquities discovered at Kosambi, an excellent collection of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain sculpture and other interesting exhibits. Unfortunately they are now charging a ridiculous R.200 admission. During my last two visits the lights were out or perhaps they only turn them on when there are enough visitors to justify it. The museum is on Kamala Nehru Road and is open from 10:15 am to 4:30 pm and closed on Monday, public holidays and every second Sunday. MapThe Archaeological Museum in the Department of Ancient History, Allahabad University, has an extensive collection of the minor antiquities found at Kosambi and will mainly be of interest to the specialist. Then go down to the where the Yamuna and Ganges meet. You might see ascetics practising the very types of austerities that their predecessors did during the Buddha's time. A good place to stay in Allahabad is the Hotel Ilawart situated right next to the bus stand and a short distance from the railway station. It is clean and friendly and they can arrange a hire car that you will need to visit Kosambi and Prabhosa.



Source: buddhanet.net

Sunday July 17, 2022
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